Friday, 18 April 2014

Production: "& Son" Shot 54 Alpha Version

Another key missing item of each of these playblasts is the transitions which involve the Church moving about allowing unique scene transitions. This is being provided by the talented Sammy Butler so hopefully any following versions will have this in to make the experience "amazing".

In this video we see the run of the gag which Benjamin has finally managed to unleash on his unsuspecting dad. There are going to be lots of 2D frogs jumping about this scene so we really hope that you don't mind a few slimy friends haha... Its going to be awesome!

In this shot you can see the quality of the lighting in the final render, its just missing the audience which will be provided by Chrissie Peters in another render... In the meantime we just hope you can visualise how cool this will look when everything is complete and rendered.


Production: "& Son" Shot 53 Alpha Version

This shot in particular is missing certain 2D characters which our artist Chrissie Peters has drawn, in some instances these characters do crudely animate. This is where our influence to Paddington Bear really shines through. We hope you enjoy this when it is finally here!

The video above is Shot 53 showing Benjamin and Barnabas standing patiently at the back of the church why the priest reads his sermon. This scene is probably one of our most populated for the short, the version that comes after this will be something to look at!

Last but not least is the rendered still of this particular shot, probably one of our favourites as the interior church can be seen in its entirety. The lighting of this scene is a little heavy but it really adds much needed depth to the world... We want it flat but not "too" flat.

Take it easy!

Production: "& Son" Shot 52 Alpha Version

For those of you that do not know Stitch's scenes were created separately so there was the added difficulty of accurately bringing across the shaders and lighting to each scene. Never the less everything still got there in the end including the continuity of the animation.

The video above is Shot 52 in playblast form devoid of light effects, at this level people should only be looking at the animation of the characters. Keeping everything at a low grade within the viewport is fundamental to being able to animate within a 3D program... If its too laggy how can you animate?

Above is a still shot from the scene, this is to communicate the quality of the render to the Polydoodle team. We want everyone to feel comfortable with the grade of quality and light the short uses to finally come together. Interiors can be difficult for external lights, its why you have to adjust light links.

Catcha later!

Production: "& Son" Shot 51 Alpha Version

There are still a number of things to add to these scenes including animated 2D characters for certain shots. This is one of the many reasons that these are branded "Alpha". These essentially mark the finalization of the lighting tests and 3D animation. We hope you enjoy them!

Above is shot 51 with little Benjamin denying that he is up to his usual tricks to his father Barnabas. There have been many work in progress versions of this but from discussions with Alan the hand gestures were altered as was the head movement to copy the Sammy reference more.

Above is a still render from the shot showing how his skin looks lit in the actual scene. There is an additional spot light keeping various areas of him from falling too dark. The amber look is coming from the light pouring in through the windows of the church.

Catcha later!

Production: "& Son" Shot 50 Alpha Version

This is the alpha version of shot 50 for Polydoodle Pictures "& Son". These posts are marked "Alpha" as they are still not final and may still be changed after the hand in of our short on May 4th. These alphas are just to mark the first "approved for render" versions.

Above is Shot 50 all on its own as we have previously established continuity with the previous works in progress. The main reason for these posts is to show the Alpha versions animated in play blasts, this is also to show a single frame of the rendered scene. Please check out the still below!

This is essentially how the scene looks with lighting and occlusion textures. We knocked up these stills to show each other how the scene looks rendered prior to initiating a batch render. It helps to see the scene before waiting for an entire scene to be rendered.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Production: "& Son" Scene 6 Development

Hello Everyone!

This little post is about further developments within our & Son feature coming very soon. We thought we should demonstrate the inclusion of 2D assets into 3D by making a little post showing the components in and out of the 3D Maya workspace. However, this is not to say that we do not have a slice of animation to show. Please check out the video below, comments appreciated!

These shots are primarily following the integration of 2D characters into our 3D playblasts. There have been a couple of camera adjustments to shots 58 and 59. Shots 60 & 61 are solely based on 2D planes within Maya, one camera moving one not.

Production: "& Son" Shot 58 Mark 2 WIP (with 57 & 59)

This shot has the end of 57 with 59 to show continuity. Shot 58 now has Benjamin with a decent run cycle, liken to the Sammy reference. Added some shocked frames prior to delay Benjamin reaching the portrait before the end of the shot. Everything seems to flow a little better now.